Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

Project Crochet - Polka Dots Blanket #projectcrochet #creadienstag

While reading last sunday my favorite blogs I came across a new project from Sugar Bee Crafts. Because of the Olympia she startet a couch project - project crochet. Everybody can choose a crochet challenge for themeselfe and try to finish it throughout February.

My Project: A Polka Dot Blanket

I found the pattern on Three Beans in a Pot. Because I'm not the great crochet girl it's very good for me that there are so many photos.

In the end it should have yellow, pink and blue dots on a grey background. I have made since Sunday 15 pink squares and 9 yellow dots, but after laying it out on the floor for measuring I'm afraid I will need really, really a lot of them.

I don't know, if its possible for me to really crochet a whole blanket in just one month, but I'll give it a try.

Because Sugar Bee has today her "Take a look" Tuesday, I will link my post too there. I'm so excited to see, what all the other guys did.

And in Europe it's "CREADIENSTAG". I love creadienstag and love the creadienstag-projects. Do you already know that we (some really crazy girls *g* or so) meets every tuesday for being creativ. It's so fun and we do that know for over a year. We are the "Dienstagsfrauen" (Tuesdays Women). It's the best for the soul you can do. You can lose with the girls all your worries from the working space, home problems and family crisis. I can only recommend this for all women out there. Meet every week with your friends to don't get crazy.

Have a nice Working Week.


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